I can provide value and experienced writing work tailored to your personal needs. I have completed a variety of writing projects for multiple clients, including booklets, nonprofit institution website content, newsletters, Bible study materials, a memoir, funding proposals, ESL curriculum, blog posts, and manuals, among others. Writing rates fall within the Editorial Freelancers Association standard rates. Contact me for more information and a free estimate.

I have over four years of freelance editing experience, and have worked with individuals, for-profit companies, and nonprofit institutions to help them make their projects into the best possible version they can be.

What Types of Projects Are a Fit?
Nonfiction, including manuals, webpage content, autobiographies, Bible study materials, memoirs, textbooks, articles, and other nonfiction; young adult fiction; science fiction; fantasy; and speculative fiction are all welcome. If you have another type of project in mind, contact me and we can discuss what would meet your needs.

What Kind of Editing Do I Need?
There are three basic kinds of editing that address different goals: substantive editing, copyediting, and proofreading.

Substantive editing:
Substantive editing looks at the overall structure of a manuscript, and is equivalent to strengthening a house from the foundation to the roof. With substantive editing, I look at the overall clarity, flow, and cohesiveness of a text. For nonfiction, I make structural change suggestions, offer ideas about things that could be expanded upon or added, and make a style sheet.  For fiction, I discuss weak points in the plot and how to improve them, suggest reorganization or additions to the text, mark issues with inconsistency and continuity, and make a style sheet.

Copyediting: Copyediting is equivalent to looking at the connecting structures of a house and making them firmer and consistent. With copyediting, I correct issues with spelling, grammar, syntax, and line, while still preserving the original voice of the work. I make a style sheet to preserve internal consistency and query any apparent errors or issues. I also note any permissions you’ll need to get if you include quotes, passages, images, or other copyrighted material in your manuscript.

Proofreading: Proofreading is equivalent to touching up the paint on your house after it is finished. With proofreading, I check the spelling, grammar, and syntax of sentences, and read for consistency within the manuscript. I make sure that the manuscript is laid out in a consistent manner.

Editing Rates
I offer a free project estimate based on the type of project, the length of the work, and the type of work you would like done. My rates fall within the Editorial Freelancers Association standard rates. Rush projects cost more. For your free estimate, please contact me. I will do a sample edit of the project for you to see my work and give you a project quote. Half of the project fee is due up front, and half is due upon completion of the project. For smaller projects (under $100) full payment up front is required.

Additional Services
Transcription services (audio/video English to written English) are available. Please contact me for more information about rates and your particular project.

Writing advice: If you are stuck on your project, or would like feedback on issues in your work or writing, or just generally want to improve but aren’t sure where to begin on your current project, I offer informal personalized writing feedback and advice. I’ll read a sample of your work, make notes on it, and send you feedback and suggestions. An optional Skype “face to face” meeting can be arranged if you prefer to receive verbal feedback. Costs for this service vary; contact me for more information.

Before any work is done on any project, both parties must sign a contract specifying type of work to be done, rates, time frame, expectations of both parties, and other details. See this sample contract for more information, or contact me for more information. Work will not begin on any project until both parties have signed the contract, and initial payment has been received.

Contact me
If you would like to hire me to work on your project, or if you have any questions, you can email me at or fill out the contact form. I will get back to you as soon as possible.