Past Projects

The following selections are past projects for which I have been an editor or writer.


The Bells Are Not Silent by Joann Pittman (China Source)
A fascinating and joyful journey of discovery and exploration, this book details the author’s adventures in discovering the unexpected international origins and histories of church bells in China that survived the Cultural Revolution.

Standing on Our Own Feet Workbook by Jean Johnson (Five Stones Global)
Western views of aid often lead to attitudes and postures of weakness and insufficiency on the part of non-Western recipients; this workbook provides questions and guided study to help the reader process the structure of their own efforts, and how to better enable recipients of outreach efforts to be empowered and strengthened rather than damaged by international interactions.

We Are Not the Hero Participant’s Guide by Jean Johnson (Five Stones Global)
A companion volume to We Are Not the Hero, this guide asks questions to encourage personal reflection and discussion around the reader’s involvement in foreign outreach and cultural appropriateness to ensure that the efforts they make are sustainable, filled with dignity, and replicable by local partners.



Do Christians Worship Three Gods?
Is Injeel Barnaba True?
Is Muhammad in the Bible?
Who Died on the Cross?
Who Is Isa bin Maryam?
for Fouad Masri (Crescent Project)
Muslims seeking the truth about what Christians understand and believe about Islam can learn more in these informative volumes that reference both the Qur’an and the Bible.

Hope Community Church Small Group Materials
Hope Community Church provides Bible study materials to its small groups. I have been part of the writing team for several years and have co-written materials across many passages and topics used by hundreds of people in Minnesota and beyond.



It Begins in a Garden by Sarah Gregory
This chapbook of poetry includes pieces exploring the mystical and personal aspects of Catholicism, angels, demons, and the end of the world.


In addition to these projects I have worked on manuals, teaching materials, memoirs, blog posts, website content, and multiple other types of content. Please contact me if you would like to discuss how I can help you achieve your goals for your project!